Q. Why did Dan want to create this endowment?

A. After learning of his metastasis, Dan and his close friend from medical school Dr. Joe Habboushe became singularly focused on discovering and understanding the various treatment options available to him. Through their relentless research and persistence, they identified and gained access to several treatments that would have eluded most other patients. For example, about 1 percent of metastatic uveal melanoma patients are ever enrolled in a tumor-infiltrating lymphocyte (TIL) trial, which offers one of the few viable chances at a long-term cure, and Dan was enrolled in two separate TIL trials. Through the DME, Dan wanted to level the field so that more patients could have access to such promising treatments, not just those with medical knowledge and connections.


Q. Why is the endowment housed at Weill Cornell Medical College?

A. Dan was a graduate of Weill and believed that locating the fund physically in New York City would provide exposure to a wide cross-section of researchers and clinicians. Joe Habboushe maintains active connections to the college through its alumni association.


Q. Where will donations be directed?

A. Because DME is an endowment, its custodians will spend only 4 to 5 percent of the total per year, such that it lives on in perpetuity. When a minimum of $50,000 is raised, the Daniel T. McMenamin Visiting Professorship will be established. Every year, the DME will host an event at which a speaker or panel will discuss topics pertinent to the endowment’s mission statement, with the goal being to attract some one hundred experts to such events. Should the fund raise additional money, it will add activities to its slate, such as small grants for research consistent with the mission.


Q. What’s the status of the endowment today?

A. Dan’s family, his girlfriend, Susie Oh, and Joe Habboushe have established a $25,000 matching fund to kick-start the DME. This means that until August 2017, any donations made to the endowment will be effectively doubled.


Q. How can I donate today?

A. You can use your credit/debit card or PayPal through our donation page.  


Q. Will fees be deducted from my donation?

A. No.


Q. how can i stay updated on the dme's activities?

A. You can follow us on Facebook.